Yin Yoga Teacher Training & Practice Immersion

with Simon Low & The Yoga Academy


at Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand
22–29 February 2020


Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Samahita Retreat welcomes The Yoga Academy’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Practice Immersion, with Yoga Alliance US 50/100 hour certification. Established and led by Simon Low, one of world’s most renowned yoga teachers, The Yoga Academy is one of the most highly respected yoga teacher training providers in the world, offering in-depth education in a full spectrum of yogic studies..


Yoga Alliance & Yoga Academy internationally recognised 50-hour training certificate, upgradable to a 100-hour certificate with an advanced module in July 2020 at Santillan in Spain. These modules will be repeated each year.


This event can be taken as a teacher training course OR as a yoga retreat (see options with rates below).


About the course: The Theory, Practice and Potential of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga has become one of the most popular approaches to yoga as a deep antidote and personal support for body, breath and mind within today’s stressful, fatigued and goal-orientated world, and as an essential balance to a dynamic, muscular yoga asana practice.


Initially informed and stimulated by yin yoga studies with international teachers Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, during the last 20 years of his 30+ years of yoga study, practice and teaching, Simon has researched, developed and refined the ultimate approach to cultivating yin yoga’s deeply effective physical, energetic and psycho-spiritual benefits. Simon emphasises an intelligent, anatomically-sound approach, with particular reference to the myofascial body, joint care, the energy (or subtle) body, and the incorporation of pranayama and meditation within the yin practice. Simon’s multi-faceted approach is profoundly restorative, revitalising and reintegrative, promoting health and healing at a cellular level.


This course offers:

  • Morning 2.5-hour yin & yang yoga led-practice session (retreat option session I)
  • Afternoon 2.5-hour yin yoga led-practice and asana ‘technique’ session (retreat option session II)
  • Four practice / study sessions per day (with time also to enjoy the beach & facilities) 
  • Yin yoga teaching methodology
  • Multi-media lecture presentations
  • Applied anatomy and physiology as it relates to yin yoga
  • Pranayama and meditation within yin yoga
  • Chinese & western medical theory as it relates to yin yoga
  • Yogic philosophy and psychology as it relates to yin yoga
  • 1:1 and group coaching, supporting students toward successful assimilation, embodiment and sharing of yin yoga’s wisdom and effectiveness
  • Yin Yoga training and practice manual
  • Yoga Academy / Yoga Alliance US 50-hour certificate


Students attending the training course attend all sessions.


Retreat participants attend the morning and afternoon practice sessions (see daily schedule below).


This training course welcome students and teachers who wish to embark on the path of practising and / or teaching safe, effective and informed yin yoga. We also welcome existing yoga / yin teachers and experienced students wishing to significantly deepen their knowledge, experience and personal practice. The 2020 training is led by Simon Low, alongside assistant Yoga Academy faculty teachers who will be your tutors on this training course and practice immersion, which has been refined and run annually for over 10 years in Asia and Europe.The Yoga Academy offers 50-hour and 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificates, recognised by Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, and can be taken as hours toward Continuing Professional Development with BWY and other organisations and trainings.


The Yin Yoga training can be undertaken in one or two modules (eg 50-hour OR 100-hour certificate). Each 50-hour course is a stand alone training immersion with a 50-hour certificate. After completion of the two 50-hour modules you will receive a 100-hour certificate.


Part I: 22-29 February 2020 – The Theory, Practice and Potential of Intelligent Yin Yoga - Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand


Part II: 11-18 July 2020– Yin Yoga: Anatomy, Adjustments, and Advanced Asana - Santillan Retreat, Andalusia, Spain


These modules are best taken in chronological order, although this two-option training course has been designed in a way that allows you to take the modules in the order that best suits your calendar. These modules will be repeated each year to allow for the above.


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

LineCourse investment

This intensive training has three different price categories in modern Asian-tropical accommodation.


Shared two-bedroom loft = twin accommodation in duplex rooms.
Semi-private room = private room with a bathroom shared with another trainee.
Private room = private room with own en-suite bathroom.


Training Rates

Shared two-bedroom loft: US$1,724

Semi-private room: US$1,856

Private room: US$1,988


Retreat Rates

Shared two-bedroom loft: US$1,330

Semi-private room: US$1,470

Private room: US$1,610


If you wish to come with your partner or family, Samahita Retreat is equipped to accommodate them. You can also stay off site and arrange your own accommodation.


The rate includes:

  • your choice of accommodation
  • tuition and course manual
  • wholesome and healthy buffet meals
  • full use of Samahita Retreat facilities (Wi-Fi, steam room, pool, etc),
  • eligibility for Yoga Academy / Yoga Alliance US certificate (upon completion).


Payments to be made directly to Samahita Retreat.



Application and enrolment

This intensive training has three different price categories in modern Asian-tropical accommodation.


For reservations please click here


This course is strictly limited to a maximum of 24 students. All applications will be responded to within 7 working days and will be considered in order of receipt, as will a wait-list at the point the course places are all allocated.




Simon LowSimon Low – Principal of The Yoga Academy

Simon Low (BWY-accredited, E-RYT 500 and SYT) is the Principal of The Yoga Academy, which offers foundational and continuing education to yoga teachers and students in the UK and internationally. After a career in the music industry based out of London, New York and California, where Simon undertook training as a yoga teacher over 28 years ago with renowned yoga teacher, therapist and author Dr Larry Payne at Samata International in Los Angeles. These studies were augmented by Simon’s training in macrobiotics, bodywork and psycho-spiritual enquiry.


Simon’s foundational teachings are informed by the teachings of Sri T Krishnamacharya and his primary students. Simon’s current teachings reflect his continued training and on-going studies in many forms of Hatha and Classical yoga, traditional Chinese and eastern medicine, Chi Kung, ancient and contemporary healing methodologies, centered-movement, psychology, philosophy and physical therapy. Simon has also studied in A.H. Almaas’ Ridhwan School for 5 years, but his primary teacher lives within himself, a relationship he continues to cultivate with the help and guidance of his current study and practice. He inspires others to cultivate the same relationship within themselves and within their own yoga practices.


Following many years of teaching in the UK and Europe , Simon co-founded Triyoga in London, where he was Director of Yoga until 2003, since which time he has concentrated on teacher training at The Yoga Academy and on leading study immersions, workshops and rejuvenating yoga retreats around the world. Over the years, Simon has developed a unique and personal teaching style and now practices and teaches a harmonious combination of Yin and Yang Yoga…..not as a set system but rather as a balanced approach that can inform and enrich all styles of yoga. Yin and Yang Yoga offers fresh vitality to yoga practice, kindness and respect to the human form, transformative breathing practices, and for the mind – the space for peace and tranquility.


In 2007, Simon released his now very popular DVD “Yin and Yang Yoga” and in spring 2015, the Yin Yoga App for iPhone



The table below provides you with an outline of our daily activities.

7.30–10.00am Yin/Yang led-practice, pranayama, meditation
10.00–11.00am Breakfast
11.00am–12.30pm Yin yoga study session
12.30–1.30pm Break with lunch
1.30–3.00pm Yin yoga study session
3.00–4.30pm Break
4.30–7.00pm Yin yoga led-practice & asana ‘technique’
7.00–8.00pm Dinner buffet
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