The Yoga Academy Teacher Training Course:


Jem HollisSimon Low and The Yoga Academy's full team of dedicated professionals work extremely hard and conscientiously to impart all, including thorough anatomy and physiology training, principles of alignment which may inform a safe and healthy practice, thorough (and essential) lesson planning training, philosophy study and much more. The course explores traditional yoga paths and looks at all the important styles practised around the world in an intensive format, which is rigorous and demanding and at times challenging too. Simon works tirelessly to help his students to maximise upon their own individual journey of training and of personal exploration; then ultimately to call from deep within the teacher that is waiting to come out into the world.


In addition to this, my experience of studying within the vibrant, loving and highly motivated community that our year group comprised, gave me significant support when I needed it and some extraordinarily special friendships I shall enjoy for many years to come.


Should you be considering yoga teacher training, can you afford not to choose the very best yoga teacher training available?”

Jem Hollis, graduate of TT11 in 2014


Nahid de Belgeonne“I am so thankful to have had Simon Low as my first yoga teacher. I was so engaged by his teaching that I chose The Yoga Academy as my yoga teacher training provider.


I chose this course over others not only because of the quality of the teaching, you can trace the lineage of The Yoga Academy teachers back to the “fathers” of modern yoga. But also because the group was small enough to ensure that you get lots of attention and mentoring. The skilled and experienced teaching team deliver an intelligent and current approach to yoga, you will be part of a family of who share the same ethos of yoga as an evolving, living tradition.


I set up the yoga part of my business, Good Vibes, immediately after graduating and we very quickly achieved an excellent reputation for our teaching standards.


I audition teachers regularly, and I need to ensure the standards of teaching remain high. My own training has proved invaluable in making sure I make the right choices. We have guidelines on how we teach at Good Vibes, which all teachers buy into, the basis of this was formed by my learning with Simon Low and The Yoga Academy.  I am of the firm belief that if you, as a student, do not invest well in your training, then why would you expect clients to invest their time with you? There are far too many yoga teacher schools churning out poorly trained teachers over too short a time. Your yoga teacher training is a stepping stone to a lifelong enquiry, so it is crucial to choose wisely.


My learning is ongoing, I return to my Yoga Academy teachers regularly. I have no hesitation in recommending The Yoga Academy to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and is looking for a long term and intelligent approach to teaching that will sustain them both professionally and personally.”

Nahid de Belgeonne, Founder and Director Good Vibes


Michaela McCallum“It was purely by chance that I stumbled across the Simon Low's Yoga Academy on-line whilst considering Teacher Training. Half way through the course I am so glad that I did. The two-year teacher training course offers wonderful opportunities from the nurturing environment of Commonwork through to assistant teacher placements overseas. It is a very thorough and challenging course with great attention to detail, and support is always on hand, if required. Safety in asana practice is a top priority. As a physiotherapist I have been very impressed by this and the level of anatomy taught. Since starting the course my patient treatments have been greatly enhanced from the knowledge I have gained. The yoga philosophy and subtle anatomy is taught in a very thorough and engaging way. Simon Low and the tutors of The Yoga Academy are exceptionally supportive and clearly take great joy sharing their experience and knowledge.”

Michaela McCallum, UK, teacher-in-training on TT12,
graduation scheduled in December 2015


Louise Kloster“I joined The Yoga Academy's 2-year course after completing a foundational 200-hour teaching course in Satyananda yoga. What I have learnt during my time at The Yoga Academy has completely revolutionised my physical practice: I have, in one fell swoop, made a number of changes. These are the “mistakes” that I have been making for years and years! I feel so much stronger now than in over 15 years of practice. I found the fundamentals fascinating. It makes perfect sense to me and therefore has been easy to integrate them into my own practice. I love the focus on anatomy, and this was one of the reasons I chose this course to begin with. As a yoga teacher I believe it is so important that we understand what we are actually doing with our own and our students' physical bodies.

Louise Kloster, Norway, teacher-in-training on TT12,
graduation scheduled in December 2015


Barry Leach“After plenty of research, I chose The Yoga Academy, primarily based on their broad spread of highly respected national and international faculty teachers.


For my location and business schedule, Yoga Academy's six monthly, week long 'intensives' are easier to attend, rather than travelling to the more frequent, but shorter tuition periods in other courses. The high quality of support material and highly professional presentation were added bonuses.


Half-way through the course, I am delighted with my choice, and cannot envisage a better way of progressing my study of yoga.


Having been teaching yoga for many years, the gains in the reputation of my classes locally have been quite noticeable, leading to referrals from a highly respected sports therapist, attendance by a couple of fellow teachers, and some of my 'drop-in' classes becoming 'wait listed'.


I will continue association with The Yoga Academy after my current course, and will attend future workshops and courses with them. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering learning to teach or significantly deepen their knowledge of informed and safe yoga and related studies”

Barry Leach, UK, MSc., BSc (Hons), teacher-in-training on TT12,
graduation scheduled in December 2015


Lydie Le MaitreAs I decided to enrol onto a Yoga Teacher Training Course, I looked for a Yoga Course offering high quality teaching  –  theory and practice  –  with a work calendar enabling me to combine my very active professional life, my family life and my Yoga study. I was also looking for a friendly Yoga work environment, with truly experienced and supportive teachers. Lastly, I wanted to focus on a “well balanced Yoga” offering both dynamic and restorative practice. The Yoga Academy Teacher Training Course has been truly fulfilling all such expectations. As I’m now approaching the end of this Course, I feel truly empowered to safely teach Yoga. I also very much enjoy the course benefits in my daily personal practice.


The Course benefits actually go beyond Yoga teaching and also ignite a true positive personal transformation process. Despite a very heavy work agenda over these last 2 years, including an expatriation from the UK to Latin America 9 months ago, all has been flowing very well.


A few tips for you if you consider taking on The Yoga Academy Teacher Training Course: consistency in your work and practice will be the “key”. For the rest, just enjoy it, with no stress. Consider that this Course is a true gift that your are making to yourself.”

Lydie Le Maitre, Mexico, teacher-in-training on TT11,
graduation scheduled in December 2014


Natscha Zeller“My training with The Yoga Academy has been superb and truly inspiring. I wanted to find a broad-based comprehensive teacher training that wouldn't restrict me to one particular area or tradition, but would give me the tools to become a well informed, safe and inspired teacher. Simon Low and his excellent international teaching faculty have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they deliver in a methodical well thought out course plan, in the most beautiful and tranquil setting of Commonwork, where you have the peace and space needed to study mindfully. I have trained with a wonderful group of like minded people  and will feel very proud to be a Yoga Academy graduate.

Natscha Zeller, UK, teacher-in-training on TT11,
graduation scheduled in December 2014


Bruce Murchie“I attended Yoga Academy TT10 course held over a two-year period and during that time I was exposed to, and educated in, the various aspects of yoga that, as a student, we do not get to experience. With the in-depth training and knowledge transfer that I received from a range of world-class teachers, I am happy and confident to say that I am a student of yoga for life and in some small way able to transfer a safe and enjoyable yoga experience to my students.

Bruce Murchie, UK, graduate of TT10 in 2013


Renate Eriksen“Brilliant course! I learned so much and although yoga studies proved to be much more challenging than I had imagined, it was worth it because the learning is rewarding on so many levels. Commonwork is beautiful, the tutors are really supportive and knowledgeable, and the community with the fellow students was possibly the best experience. Lots of fun!

Renate Eriksen, Norway, graduate of TT10 in 2013


Emma MansfieldI have over 20 years experience as a fitness instructor and music leader and decided to train with Simon and his team in 2011. It was a significant investment but well, well worth it. It was the best choice I have ever made. The team's attention to detail around safe practise and anatomy and physiology has given me an enormous back-pack of learning, which I have been able to share with a wide range of students where I teach in Cornwall. 


I have had students move over to my classes because they want more instruction, they want details, they want a teacher who knows why we are doing the postures we are doing, why they benefit us and how to do them safely. It seems to me that students want to know about alignment and anatomy and they want a teacher who is actually there in the room, standing behind them watching their bodies, advising and adjusting where necessary, not just pulling fancy shapes with their body.


Simon and his team are passionate about their subject and I think because of the level of energy and detail you get with the Yoga Academy, across all the limbs of yoga (not just asana, but the teachings of Patanjali, how to approach pranayama and the introduction to Restorative Yoga) as teachers, the academy gives us a wide range of approaches enabling graduates to teach a much wider range of people. 


Since graduating in 2013, I have set up a yoga school in Bodmin with three full classes, I have been asked to teach servicemen and women from RAF St Mawgan, who wanted a physically challenging practise, and I am working with lots of people in their 60s, who want to stay mobile and healthy. The Yoga Academy really prepared me for all the different types of people who walk into my studio and gave me all the tools and skills I need to share the practise of yoga with everyone and for me, that is how it should be. 


Above all I think YA is a bit like Hotel California: 'You can check out any time you like but you can never leave'. I feel part of something bigger than me now. I know help and advise is just an email away, and I look forward to continuing my professional development with the gang as my career develops.

Emma Mansfield, UK, graduate TT10 in 2013


Jane Stirzaker“I was drawn to The Yoga Academy for my teacher training for a variety of reasons, mainly the expertise of the faculty members, whose wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none. With a background in Education and Quality Assurance, I can say with confidence that the quality of this course is impressive and served me very well. The foundations were solid and offered an ideal springboard, building confidence, developing skills, enabling me to find my authentic voice as a teacher. The faculty is supportive and encouraging, as a result of which I now thoroughly enjoy teaching 1 to 1s, well attended classes and monthly Saturday workshops!


For those who want a well-rounded, high quality teacher training course, I can’t recommend this one highly enough.

Jane Stirzaker, UK, graduate of TT9 in 2012


Louise James“Simon and his team show a sincere commitment to sharing the fundamental principles of anatomy and physiology, and their application to the physical aspects of Yoga in order to provide students with sufficient knowledge & experience to teach a health-promoting practice that is both safe and effective, something I especially appreciated as an experienced Physiotherapist of 25 years.


At the same time, the exploration of a more holistic approach to structure and movement introduces students to "state of the art" concepts and suggests how Yoga may be practiced with the specific intention of awakening the body's natural intelligence; these concepts stimulate further inquiry into the ever-changing relationship between art and science.


During the course of the 18-month training, nothing was taught that gave me cause for concern from a musculo-skeletal point of view, and Simon's deference to the knowledge of others shows his passion for learning. I cannot recommend this Yoga Teacher Training course more highly.”

Louise James, physiotherapist, TT8 2011


Mandy Beaumont“Basically I was happy with everything! I thought it was some of the best money I've ever invested and has it has given me a changed perspective on life. No doubting it was a challenging journey, but probably the most worthwhile one I've undertaken.


TThis course revealed paths to me that I barely knew existed – or if I did I had no idea how to reveal the gateway that would let me step through. This has been the most exciting couple of years of my life; helped through the labyrinth of yogic philosophy, understanding how the body works and how yoga practice can help it to work more effectively and then putting all that knowledge together to create unique class plans to offer to my own students now. Having completed this course I feel I have uncovered 'my' yoga and the direction I want to pursue with this. I also now have the confidence that i have something worthwhile to offer to students coming to my classes and they are able to grow with me as I continue along this pathway.


If you want to become a professional, confident and safe yoga teacher, or to deepen your knowledge and understanding of your own personal yoga practice for everyday life, from a collection of the best teachers working in their respective fields today, then this is the course for you.”

Mandy Beaumont, TT7 2010


Steve Whittam“Simon has a number of qualities, all of which can be found in many yoga teachers but rarely are they all found in the same yoga teacher. He has a breadth and depth of understanding of yoga asana that few teachers I have met can match , combined with a deceptively easy teaching style that presents the information in a readily absorbable manner so that you almost don't realise you are learning, but you are. While having the greatest respect for yoga traditions, Simon is not hidebound by them, or by a particular yoga school's philosophy. Instead Simon's teaching evolves as he draws on influences not only from other teachers and yoga schools that he frequently seeks out, but also from anatomy teachers, physiology teachers, martial arts teachers and even his students. However these influences are not randomly selected and just thrown into the pot, they are seriously thought about, studied and digested and finally integrated into the teaching style that is uniquely Simon's. This integration is often so seamless that, unless you are paying particular attention, you may not notice some of the more subtle changes. I continue to go to Simon's classes partially to re-establish my yoga foundation but also in the hope, frequently realised, that he has refined another small piece of yoga gold since I last saw him. For me, one of the largest 'nuggets' of this yoga gold was when Simon introduced Yin and Yang yoga into his teaching. But this is not a nugget that has been left on the shelf and admired, instead it has been refined and polished. Yin and Yang yoga is like yoga in HD. Above all for me, Simon's teaching engages my mind as well as my body and breath and this is as true today as it was in the first class I attended 15 years ago.”


“When you combine all this with the knowledge that Simon actively seeks out the best places to practice yoga, wherever in the world, and has a passion for the care and comfort of his students, whether is be the facilities in the yoga studio, the food, the accommodation or the general environment, I always know that a retreat with Simon will be a high quality experience.”

Steve Whittam – a regular of all Simon Low’s residential weekends, also a past gradute on The Yoga Academy


Manjunaga“The more I teach yoga on a regular basis the more I appreciate the clear foundation that the Yoga Academy offers students. So you can have confidence that you’re helping good, safe yoga teachers go out into the world, also with a sense of the spirit & tradition of yoga. Something that the modern yoga world really needs.”

Manjunaga, Manchester



Tristrem Carlyon“At the time of writing I am half way through the Yoga Academy teacher-training course. I am inspired by how my understanding and practice of yoga have improved in so short a time. One of the many strengths of this course is that it gives the student a thorough grounding in yoga based on a specific tradition, that of Sri T. Krishnamacharya. This is yoga that is adapted to the individual. Krishnamacharya is probably the most important yoga teacher of modern times, and his son T.K.V. Desikachar’s contribution to the understanding of Yoga, both in India and the West, is enormous. Their lineage can be traced all the way back to the Veda’s, the earliest scriptures of mankind.


“The course also explores the traditional yoga paths and all the important styles of yoga that are practiced around the world today (including Astanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin & other forms of Hatha Yoga). The work we do on understanding the holistic nature of our bodies’ anatomy and on work-shopping the different asanas has been particularly helpful in my case, but all the teaching has been of a very high standard. The intensive format of the course is rigorous and demanding and at times challenging, & it has built a strong, vibrant learning community in our group. We laugh a lot too. The physical setting of the course is wonderful and the meals are delicious.”

Tristrem Carlyon August 4, 2009

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